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Please go to the adoption page of our website if you are interested in one of our dogs.  It explains the process and has an application you can fill out there.




We are accepting Surrenders  All surrender information is CONFIDENTIAL.



All our dogs are in foster care.  We do not have a Kennel in Lee, Mass that you can visit.For EMERGENCIES please call 877-528-0637. Leave a message regarding what the emergency is and a phone number. Speak your name and number slowly.

NorthEast Pyr Rescue (NEPR) is a non-profit corporation and an all-volunteer organization dedicated to providing compassionate, coordinated and comprehensive rescue services for Great Pyrenees dogs in our region, the North East portion of the United States.

Although many members have been providing rescue care to Great Pyrenees for more than three decades, NEPR was formally established in 2003. Local Pyrs - Local Homes - Local Support   Our geographic area includes: New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Vermont, Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Maine.


For Great Pyrenees Rescue Groups in states not mention above  you can go to the Great Pyrenees Club of America web site at http://gpcaonline.org/rescuecontacts.htm 

We are a New York State Registered Rescue - Registration No. RR381. We are also the first rescue group accepted into the Great Pyrenees Club of America as an affiliated club.

Board Members and states they are from:

Sharon Wheeler, (NY) President      Sue Smith, (NH) Vice-President   Cimber Root, (NY) Treasurer

Liz Battey, (MA) Secretary               Tracy Taylor Crosby, (MA)                   Rebekah Jacobus, (NY)

                                                                       Maria Church Davis  (MA)


Kennel Project - see information on the "About Us" page.


Timothy T. Aduralere Memorial Grant Foundation Awarded to Northeast Pyr Rescue in 2021.  


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