We are pleased to say that there are approximately 70 NEPR volunteers in at least 7 states! These individuals work hard seven days per week. Why not Join us, because Volunteers are our greatest resource and we are always in need of help! You can help the Pyrs in our region by volunteering for any of the following:

  1. Transport a Pyr to a new home.
  2. Transport a surrendered dog to a foster home.
  3. Facilitate Shelter outreach and networking in your area.
  4. Distribute breed information at an event or educational program w/ NEPR volunteers.
  5. Attend and help with setting up and coordinating Pyr events close to your area.
  6. Visit new potential homes if you are experienced with Pyrs. Guidelines are available.
  7. Consult with new owners if you are experienced with Pyrs. Guidelines are available.
  8. Conduct dog evaluations and assessments if you are experienced with Pyrs.
  9. Assist with placement coordination in your area.
  10. Help with NEPR Fund Raising activities.
  11. Provide a foster home for a Pyr in need.

So Please Donate your special talents and professional expertise. We can use the help of everyone: artists, computer specialists, accountants, lawyers and marketing people, to name a few! Please consider giving the gift of time and your special talents!! Contact us for more information OR click here to become a NEPR volunteer!