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BEFORE you adopt a dog from out of your area you need to do the following:

1) Make sure that RESCUE group will take THEIR DOG back if it doesn't work out. Same if it is from a BREEDER!

2) How do YOU get it back to them? If not then what will YOU do?

3) Does YOUR LOCAL shelter have room ? Probably NOT as they are all feeling the same pressure of too many dogs. You may have to go on a wait list.

4) Most rescues are already full and have LIMITED available foster homes. Especially during the holidays.

5) Do YOU have a way to keep it separate from your other dogs until they can adjust OR until the rescue can find another home? Adjusting takes time. Just like earning trust.

WE DO NOT IMPORT OR EXPORT DOGS. We adopt to the Northeast so we can be there for our dogs and adopters.


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Calendar Contest Started 6/15/2024

Kennel Fundraiser On-line Auction staretd 6/15/2024


See events page for more information on each. 

 As always we can not do it without your support. We are not government funded. We rely on donations and fundraisers to do what we do.



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