Many Pyrs enjoy the life of companion dogs, ever watchful of their human companions and as mentioned, many Pyrs serve today as working guardians on New England Farms.

Uploaded File: versatility.jpgHowever, many Pyr owners have found the fun and enjoyment of involving their dogs in canine specific activities. The Great Pyrenees Club of America (GPCA) recognizes breed versatility and offers Versatility Titles for dogs that participate in these events and activities.

Therapy Dogs – Well-socialized Great Pyrenees are excellent Therapy dogs at hospitals, nursing homes and schools. They are calm and gentle with children, seniors and individuals with health impairments.

Agility – Great Pyrenees are a large breed but given their size they are agile and athletic. An increasing number of people of excelling with their Pyrs in this rapidly growing sport. When a Pyr enters the agility ring, the entire stadium quiets to watch the magnificent performance!

Carting/Draft Dog Work – Many people believe that the Great Pyrenees assisted on farms by pulling carts and have natural ability with drafting activities. Pyrs have fun pulling carts in parades and helping with home chores.

Rally Obedience – Great Pyrenees can do well with Rally obedience because Rally focuses on fun and minimizes repetition of obedience commands.

Other Activities Include Skijoring (being pulled on skis), mountaineering and boating.