To all NEPR Supporters:

NEPR is in the process of updating its mailing list and volunteer preferences.  Recently, an email request and short survey to help us accomplish this was sent to over 300 recipients. If you received this email and completed the survey, thank you!  If you haven’t responded yet, or would like to complete the survey, please do so now by clicking on the following link:  https://forms.gle/eemFrZPHCNbQhc9a6.

Thank you for ensuring that NEPR’s all volunteer rescue operates with efficiency!



We are pleased to say that there are approximately 70 NEPR volunteers in at least 7 states! These individuals work hard seven days per week. Why not Join us, because Volunteers are our greatest resource and we are always in need of help! You can help the Pyrs in our region by volunteering for any of the following:


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  1. Transport a Pyr to a new home.
  2. Transport a surrendered dog to a foster home.
  3. Facilitate Shelter outreach and networking in your area.
  4. Distribute breed information at an event or educational program w/ NEPR volunteers.
  5. Attend and help with setting up and coordinating Pyr events close to your area.
  6. Visit new potential homes if you are experienced with Pyrs. Guidelines are available.
  7. Consult with new owners if you are experienced with Pyrs. Guidelines are available.
  8. Conduct dog evaluations and assessments if you are experienced with Pyrs.
  9. Assist with placement coordination in your area.
  10. Help with NEPR Fund Raising activities.
  11. Provide a foster home for a Pyr in need.

So Please Donate your special talents and professional expertise. We can use the help of everyone: artists, computer specialists, accountants, lawyers and marketing people, to name a few! Please consider giving the gift of time and your special talents!! Contact us for more information at nepyresq@gmail.com OR Print and send this in:


FIRST TIME -  Volunteer Form

Please complete this form if you are interested in assisting as a volunteer and/or if you would like to receive the quarterly Pyrodical (newsletter) and occasional updates from NorthEast Pyr Rescue

In order to keep our database up to date and to satisfy our insurance requirements we are required to request volunteers confirm their information annually as well as when you first apply to volunteer.

Please complete the form if you wish to volunteer and return it to NEPR at P.O. Box 704, Lee, MA 01238  OR E-mail to nepyresq@gmail.com.


Thank you for your support of NorthEast Pyr Rescue.

FIRST:  _____________________________________

LAST: ______________________________________

ADDRESS: ________________________________________________

CITY, STATE, ZIP: ___________________________________________

PHONE: ___________________________   CELL: __________________________

E-MAIL: ____________________________________________

ALTERNATIVE E-MAIL: ________________________________________________



Visit the home of a pre-screened applicant with your Pyr to evaluate the occupants of the home and their reaction to your Pyr. (Mileage is tax deductible as a donation to NEPR)

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]


Participate in the transport of a Pyr in your regional area of the NEPR territory. (Mileage is tax deductible as a donation to NEPR)

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]



Go to the location of a Pyr being surrendered to confirm that the dog appears to be a purebred Pyr and the temperament is what was communicated to us. Participate in the transport of a Pyr in your regional area of the NEPR territory. (Mileage is tax deductible as a donation to NEPR)

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]

How long have you had Pyrs?  __________



This covers numerous items…..bringing your Pyr to an event where we give out information on NorthEast Pyr Rescue, bring flyers to the local shelter and vets, helping to coordinate events. (Mileage is tax deductible as a donation to NEPR)

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]



The most crucial ingredient is providing a temporary home for a dog while we work to find a forever home.  We are happy to provide information and assistance whenever needed. We cover the medical needs of the Pyr. You provide the love, food and shelter.

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]


If yes, are you Pyr experienced?  (   )Yes   (    )No

Where will the dog spend his time? __________________________

Do you have a fenced yard or area for him/her? ________________

(Invisible fencing is not accepted)

A home visit will be required for first time foster homes.




Receive the “Pyrodical” (NEPR Newsletter) and NEPR updates by e-mail.

Yes [        ]

No  [        ]

Volunteer Release Form*

I (we) hereby volunteer to represent NorthEast Pyr Rescue (NEPR) as a Rescue Representative.  I (we) agreed to abide by the guidelines, policies and procedures of the NEPR Rescue Policy and the direction of the NEPR Board of Directors. I (we) understand and agree to assume all risks involved in, and/or in any way connected with my (our) volunteer service for NEPR.  I (we) further agree to release and hold harmless NEPR, Their Officers, directors and members from any and all liability or responsibility in connection with that service.

If I (we) accept a Pyr into my (our) home as a foster dog, the animal will be kept in the house or on the grounds of the foster home at all times AND will remain the property of NEPR until adopted to an approved family. The animal will be surrendered to the Chairperson or board member of NEPR or its representative, immediately upon request. If I (we) accept a kennel, or other equipment to use with the foster dog, I (we) will surrender it to the Chairperson or board member of NEPR or its representative, immediately upon request or when I (we) stop fostering for NEPR.

repliche orologi

I (we) have read the foregoing and execute this Release Form with full understanding of its contents. By Checking yes below, I (we) signify acceptance of these terms.

 [   ] Yes I (we) agree to the above paragraph and would like to perform the volunteer duties I (we) have indicated above.

[    ] No. I am (we are) not able to perform any volunteer duties at this time but would still like to receive the “Pyriodical” newsletter and NEPR updates.

All comments are welcome. Please let us know if you have any skills, talents or connections that can be a benefit to NEPR in other ways.

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Mail to: NEPR, P.O. Box 704, Lee, MA 01238