On-line Auction Starting June 15,2024   

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About Our Auction 

We are continuing to move forward on the dream of a kennel where we can house many dogs. One building at a time. As we are not government funded this is done by donations, auctions, and other fundraising events. There are fewer foster homes and dogs on waiting lists to come in. We still have medical bills for the dogs care and running the day to day operations. Things like liability insurance on the property, volunteers and board members, office supplies, the costs to run the 800 phone line , cost for the website, State license and registration fees for the organization. Your participation in the auction helps us keep Going. This year we spent over $3,500 to clear an ear infection in a wonderful Pyr named Buck. It took 4 liquid antibiotics mixed together to beat this nasty infection. The photo is Buck getting the affection he so dearly wanted while he was ill. It was so painful we had to soft muzzle him to treat and examine it but he held no ill will when we took the muzzle off. He must have known we were trying to help him.

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