General Care Issues

Uploaded File: care.jpgBrushing – Hairy News! Proper care of a Great Pyrenees coat requires about 45-60 minutes weekly. Monthly professional dog grooming ranges from about $50.00- $90.00, if you would rather engage the help of others. Pyrs have a great deal of undercoat that “blows” in the spring. If you are bothered by hair in your house then this is definitely NOT the breed for you!

Size – WOW! Considered one of the giant breeds, you should keep in mind this is a very LARGE and strong dog. If you have not seen a Pyr ‘in person’ you must meet one before you consider adoption! In addition, they have double dewclaws on the hind legs that collect snow in winter. Pyrs have large muddy and snowy paws that track across your floors!

Health – Pyrs overall are relatively healthy and one of the longest living of the large breed dogs. However, as with ALL large dogs, the cost of routine and emergent veterinarian care is considerably higher than in medium or small breeds. You must be willing and able to accept the financial responsibility of caring for a Great Pyrenees. We recommend that new adopters consider Pet Health insurance.


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