Pyrapalooza Event 2023

Last year was a Sucess. We got to see old friends and meet new ones. Hope to see them and more this year (2024). 


 Pyrapalooza 2024. OCTOBER 5, 2024 at the Berkshire 4-H Fairgrounds , Utility Dr (Rd) , Pittsfield, MA

There is no charge to attend this event. It is about getting together. A chance for us all to reconnect or meet new People/Great Pyrenees. Utility Drive, Pittsfield, Mass ( Around the corner ...all the way to the end )

6 foot maximum leashes. No extendable leashes please.

SOME of the things we are having this year for Pyrapalooza 2024 ( we will update as we add more things) :

1) Animal Communicator, Anna Clocke - Our pets have so much to tell us if we only listen.

2) The rescue parade - Your Pyrenees does not have to have come from our rescue. Just needs to be a rescue.

3) Costume Contest ( bring your own creation or make one from our treasurer boxes).

Other fun games like :

Scavenger Hunt ( It was a hit in 2023)
Egg race - you hold the leash with an spoon and egg in hand and try to walk across the field without dropping it.
Musical Pyrs with hula hoops on the ground instead of chairs.
Longest Tail Contest
Tricks or Special Talents?

A food cart will be there or bring your own picnic lunch.

Photo's by Rebekah. Can be used for Christmas cards, presents, etc. Can include you and your Pyrenees or just the Pyrenees. For a minimum donation to the rescue.

Protect your pet and have piece of mind. Microchipping for $25. No renewal fee for our Avid brand chips. Collars/tags get lost or thrown away.

Vendors and a store to buy Pyrapalooza T-shirts if you would like one. Chinese Raffle and baskets to raffle off.

This is a family event.  6 foot leashes maximum and no extendable leads for safety reasons. 


Email us for more information at Follow us on facebook too.