Transfer Guidelines: From NEPR to New Owner

Meeting the New Owners

Try to find a quiet place to meet if you cannot meet at someone's home. Meeting clients on a highway or parking lot should be avoided as the interaction can not be properly assessed. If a home meeting is not possible, try to find a quiet park where you can spend time with the new owners and dog to introduce them to each other and assess the interaction:

  • Explain that they accept full responsibility for the dog at the time he transfer of ownership contract is signed, including vet and training costs.
  • Read and review all lines of the contract. Emphasize that the Pyr is returned to NEPR if ever surrendered for the lifetime of the dog.
  • Obtain minimum donation of $350 (dog, spay/neuter and routine vaccines); $450 puppies under 4 months. More is appreciated especially if there are more medical costs.
  • Explain most dogs have been recently vet checked and that you have brought medical records (if available). If they wish a vet check, this is done at their expense.
  • Explain importance of 2-4 week acclamation. Discuss come common problems: marking, shy, depressed, not eating, food aggression with dogs and cats, house training issue if lived outside.

Transfer Basics

A microchip should have been implanted during the foster stay. Papers will be handed over during transfer or sent to the new owners. Transfer fee is $12. from CAR, Companion Animal Recovery service. If not done, be sure owners agree to microchip ($25-30).

  • Give new owner 3-4 days worth of food to make transition to avoid diarrhea problems. New food should be mixed in gradually with old food.
  • Give other appropriate items (favorite toys, treats, blanket).
  • Have owner put their new collar with tags (remind them to bring a collar with tags and leash prior to visit) on dog and remove old collar to be used for future rescue dogs.
  • Advise owner to bring a car crate for the dog; this is especially vital if the dog does not travel well in the car. Do not feed the dog 4-5 hours prior to transport as the may get sick.
  • Explain that you will probably call in 24-48 hours. They should return your call if they were not home. Explain we require that the y stay in contact with us.
  • Also explain we are available to them at any time if they have any problems. Calls may occur at: 1 week, 4 weeks, 3 months, 6 months.
  • You will be their primary NEPR contact for the life time of the dog. Give them a paper or business card with you name, phone and e-mail (if available) as well as NEPR's rescue coordinator's name and phone number. This allows them to call someone else if they can';t reach you (i.e. you are away).

Completing the Paperwork

  • Fill out as much of the adoption form in advance as you can. You should already have all the information needed for this, except for the new owner';s signature.
  • Give a copy of all veterinary records, registration papers, copy of transfer of ownership, AKC papers (if available).
  • Original contract should be mailed along with the check to NEPR, P.O BOX 704, LEE, MA 01238
  • Send a photo copy of the contract to Judy Tatro, 33 Old Main Road, Montgomery, MA 01085.

After the Transfer

  • Remind the family that there will be a period of adjustment. It will take weeks and probably months for everyone to adjust to their places in the household.
  • "Mistakes" in the house are not uncommon. This does not mean that the dog is not housebroken, just nervous and trying to learn the new rules. Only gentle correction is appropriate in this situation.
  • It will take time to learn the new dog's signals. They may be different from other pets, so pay attention.

Sit back and give yourself, your family, and your Pyrs a big hug for doing such a great job! Although you swear to never do this again . . . you'll be hooked on helping these gorgeous and wonderful dogs. There is nothing like helping these dogs to find a "forever" home!